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CNR M420W #2508

This Kaslo Shops Distributing kit, riding on a highly modified Atlas U23B chassis, was masterfully built and painted by my good friend, Sean Steele.  It is modeled after an "as-delivered" locomotive, built by Montreal Locomotive Works.  It would be their final foray into the North-American diesel locomotive market.  Delivered in 1973, MLW produced this distinctive unit before being adsorbed by Bombardier.  My thanks to Sean for allowing me to post this unit on my blog.

Some thoughtful aftermarket additions to this kit was a Details Associates antenna and M.U. hoses, Miniatures by Eric horn and bell, A-Line wipers and Details West plow.

As delivered, these units lacked many features with which they were retired.  These include ditch lights, relocation of the horn to the long hood, the replacement of all hood door latches with "knuckle-busters," and the addition of several "Farr" paper grilles ahead of the radiator flares.

Sean was very specific about the weathering of this unit, sending photos of a well-used unit shuffling cars in a yard.   Of particular interest was the sun-bleaching and resultant patchy appearance of the roof.   Also, it was apparent that someone in the maintenance department had liberally applied hinge lube, causing it to streak down the hood and cause boot prints on the walkway.

The weathering effects were captured with a multistage process.   Firstly, Polly-S acrylic flat glaze was applied with an airbrush to make the unit appear to be in sunlight at all times.  Secondly, chalks were applied to achieve the lightened horizontal surfaces, the soot from the exhaust, and the dirt along the running boards, steps, pilots and walkway.   The chalks were sealed with more dull cote.  Following this, diluted and dry-brushed Dollar Store acrylic paints were used.  These were applied with a sponge for the bleaching effect, and with a small brush for the grease stains and fuel tank filler spillage.

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  1. This weathered locomotive is particularly well done. Very realistic. It reminds me my childhood days when M420 were the sole motiv power in my area.